Friday, June 25, 2010



  1. What a great, informative blog, glad I found it. I have a 40-pc. set of the Fiesta Glassware in it's original (shipping box). I believe it has never been used. It has been very difficult to find any info on this item. I am so glad to see the ad. I would really like to know it's current value, if anyone has an idea. Thank You, Pam

  2. Hi Pamela -

    With the market for most collectibles way down along with the rest of the economy, it is really hard to say what the current value might be.

    The boxed sets don't come up very often and there is a small group of advanced collectors that might be in the market for your set, should you care to sell it.

    There is a message board dedicated to all things Fiesta/Homer Laughlin. You do have to register, but it is free and would be your best source for getting info on interest in the set and/or current estimated value.



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