Monday, August 9, 2010



  1. Loving the niche above the stove! The Fiesta's nice, too!

  2. Hi Mark - Good to see you!

    Isn't that a great kitchen? Although when I look at the picture too long, I think about how much grease would accumulate on the dishes and the walls and the ceiling ...... notice there is no exhaust fan??? But, so very modern with the itty-bitty dishwasher.

    And those shelves at the end of the stove counter ..... my shins actually hurt when I see those, because I know I'd always be bumping into them. LOL

    And to further over analyze a very nice kitchen, I also see so MANY code violations by today's standards ..... not enough "landing" room to the left of the range and no outlets to be seen!

    I've designed and built toooo many kitchens I think. :-)

    Thanks for coming by to visit the kitchen.



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