Friday, October 22, 2010

First Day Issue


  1. I remember the months leading up to the release of the reissue Fiesta line. Some of us with large collections didn't know how it would effect prices of the old. Should we keep, should we sell? After the five colors were shown everyone knew there would not be any problems, but for a brief period there was a bit of uncertainty.

    I feel things may have been much different had the current color assortment had been released in 1986 instead. Shamrock, tangerine, sunflower, turquoise. I know I would have been upset.

    BTW, I have always liked apricot. Could have made a great color in the vintage lineup.

  2. Hi Mark -

    I totally agree with you ..... the wonderful bright colors that dominate today's offerings would surely have eaten into the allure of the vintage colors. (Although I do remember thinking that HLC's choice of colors was outdated and had no PUNCH and wondered whether the line's reissue colors would have mass appeal.)

    Apricot can be a nice color when paired with some other colors ..... I think it was Saarin who first called it "Band-Aid", so that's what I see when I look at it. :-)



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