Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dining Room


  1. I have loved this photo since the first time I saw it. Occasionally I think about stringing kumquats and decorating my chandelier similarly. And then I come to my senses. LOL. It just wouldn't work on our light fixture. But I have used sweets comports to serve broiled grapefruit.

    Do you get CA grown kumquats? Most of the time the ones we get come from FL, but they have been in short supply the last couple of years.

  2. Hi Becky -

    This is one of my favorite photo spreads of all time. The idea is great, but the execution of a "fruity" tablescape can be tricky. Most fruit will "leak" even after a short time. I've used a mat of lemon leaves, but always on a wooden tabletop as opposed to on a tablecloth.

    I used to get fresh kumquats from a neighbor, haven't purchased any in a few years now.


  3. Oh, the mat of lemon leaves on the sounds nice. And I loved the photo of your lemon tree through your window. With our winters, I am confined to keeping the citrus trees in pots to roll indoors in the winter. But I was able to harvest several dozen kumquats and a few calamondins this year.

    I didn't even think about the "leak" factor. Now wouldn't that be a fine mess in the middle of your dinner party? Typically I have put the fruits in bowls or other glass containers.


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